#313 – Beati Bellicosi

Writing Credits

Ed Decter  – Brian Millikin

Directed by

Mike Rohl


346 000, 0,12 % PDM (U.S.A.)

Release Date

March 11,  2019 (Freeform)
March 12, 2019 (Netflix)


Jordan and the Praetor try to track down Heidi, while the Shadowhunters try to locate Jonathan. Meanwhile, Luke looks to Maryse for help and Isabelle gets a possible lead on information on what is really going on in the Clave prisons.


Murder Shoes – Bad Reputation

Simon goes to the The Hunter’s Moon to warn Maia about Heidi, then she sits him down for a chat about her future.

TenFiveSixty – Wolves

Maia tells Simon that she needs to make the Pack first priority in her life, then tells him that he deserves better than that.

Morgan Saint – Glass House

Clary and Jace declare their love for each other, then they get intimate.


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