#219 – Hail and Farewell

Directed by

Matthew Hastings

Writing Credits

Bryan Q. Miller


600 000, 0,3 % PDM (U.S.A.)

Release Date

August 7, 2017 (Freeform)
August 8, 2017 (Netflix)


Isabelle, Jace and Clary are trying to take out Valentine and Jonathan but get attacked by a possessing demon. Jace kills the demon. Clary tells the Inquisitor that the Mortal Mirror is Lake Lyn in Idris.

The Seelie Queen comes to the institute to meet with the Downworld Council but she refuses to give her support to capture and execute Valentine. Maia and Simon are dating.


Ruelle – Deep End


Fractures – Time Frame

Clary hugs Luke goodbye and asks him help with Valentine; Raphael informs Isabelle that he has vampires out searching for Valentine then tells her there is more between them than blood craving.

Cheng Yu – Purple Bamboo

Taking command, Maia sends away the other werewolves when things began to get tense; Simon freaks out about not attending college, then realizes that he and Maia are now dating.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Unworthy

Jace removes his shirt so Clary can find a clear spot on his body to place the tracking rune for Jonathan; Jace cradles Clary to his chest until the force of the rune pushes them apart.

Ruelle – Recover

Clary heals Jace; she confesses to being afraid of losing anyone else, and becomes tearful at the thought of losing him; Jace kisses Clary.


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