#213 - Those of Demon Blood

Directed by

Michael Goi

Writing Credits

Zac Hug


590 000, 0,2 % PDM (U.S.A.)

Release Date

June 19, 2017 (Freeform)
June 20, 2017 (Netflix)


Several Shadowhunters are killed and their runes cut-off. Imogen Herondale appoints Jace as the head of the New York Institute. Alec goes to Magnus loft to get a DNA sample to prove he isn’t involved in the killings; the two fight and Magnus demands he leave. Imogen suggests micro-chipping all Downworlders to be constantly aware of their whereabouts, Alec vehemently disagrees, but Jace seems amenable to the idea. Max arrives and Isabelle is appointed his tutor.

Clary is attacked and injured but Simon rescues her and takes her to the Institute. Jace heads to the Hunter’s Moon to begin chipping werewolves and he and Maia get into a physical fight which results in her being chipped. Luke, angered at the Shadowhunters’ behaviour, tells Jace to leave. An upset and tipsy Magnus spends some time with Dot. Isabelle meets Raphael for help finding the killer, Max follows her and is kidnapped. With Meliorn’s help, they find Max and kill the culprit, a Seelie named Kaelie.

Jace appoints Alec head of the Institute. Alec apologises to Magnus, and the two reconcile. Jace, on Alec’s orders, de-chips Maia, and the two sleep together.


Kingswood – Rebel Babe

Clary surprises Simon at Hunter’s Moon; Maia asks if it’s true that Jace is Shadowhunter royalty; Kaelie pours a drink in Jace’s lap, Maia advises him to stay away from the Downworld for a while.

Emi Secrest – I’ll Remember

Dorothea stops by Magnus’ place, comments on his choice of drink then suggests he should never drink alone.

The Bulls – Small Problems

Jace arrives at the Hunter’s Moon with a bevy of Shadowhunters and informs Maia that the Clave wants to implant Downworlders with GPS tracking chips; Maia announces it to the bar and attacks him.

Evan Geesman – Sleeptalking (Technocrat Remix)

Magnus and Dot continue drinking as they reminisce about thier past together.

Rad Planet – Live on Love

Clary gives Simon a pep talk before they head into the Hunter’s Moon for his performance; Maia gives Clary a free drink.

Alberto Rosende – Fragile World

Simon performs at the Hunter’s Moon; Jace removes Maia’s tracking chip; Alec & Magnus exchange ‘I love yous’; Jace apologizes to Maia, who asks him to prove he’s not in love with Clary, he kisses her.

Boris Nonte ft. Keeley Bumford – Out of the Shadows

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