#206 - Iron Sisters

Directed by

Mike Rohl

Writing Credits

Allison Rymer


650 000, 0,3 % PDM (U.S.A.)

Release Date

February 6, 2017 (Freeform)
February 7, 2017 (Netflix)


To help get answers to what Valentine may be planning, Isabelle and Clary are sent on a mission to visit the Iron Sisters. Once there, more truths may be revealed than Izzy and Clary planned. On a mission of their own, Simon and Maia are determined to find Luke who is still missing after the demon attack at the Institute.

Meanwhile, Magnus and Alec finally go on their first date.


Outsider  – Late Night Radio

Magus and Alec grab drinks at the Hunter’s Moon bar.

Dutch Party – Echo Girl

Alec tells Magnus that pool is similar to archery, then Magnus hints to Alec that he’s being hustled.

Liam O’Donnell – The Lifeboat

Magnus chooses a song on the jukebox, then questions Alec about his relationship history.

Max Jury – Standing on My Own

Alec explains to Magnus that he never had a relationship before because he never thought he could have what he really wanted; Alec asks Magnus about his past relationships.


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